domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Diary day 1 monday 28 of march (by andres savchynets)

Today we wake up at 8 o´clock we went to school by bike. At 9 o´clock there was an welcome reception with teachers. Later they gave us free time in our own groups of friends. At 11 o´clock there was an opening ceremony with students of all the countries and techers there were Russians, Spanish, Catalonian and czech republic students. We enteres the aula carying a flag of our country and after that they gave us stropwaffels and cacao milkshake. Then we have an hour of free time and must go to the parking because we had an excursion to Naarden. We saw all the guns weapons and fortress of Naarden and they told us a little about its history. We returned to the bus and went home. On the afternoon and night we went out to a bar called Anno and later biked home.
(later i put photos)

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