miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011


WEDNESDAY, 30 MARCH i woke up at half past seven. I did all the usually things i did in Spain, in my home: i had breakfast, i did my bed, i washed up, etc. At quarter past eight, i went to school with my partner Fabian by bike. It took us thirty minutes to reach the school. At quarter to nine, we took the bus with all the Spanish and Russian people to go to Amsterdam. The teachers separated us in three groups to visit three different museums. I visited the Rijksmuseum. It was a bit boring, but some pictures were really funny, so, at the end we enjoy ourselves. When we finished this excursion, we met all together and we went shopping in Amsterdam. After that, at three twenty, we had a boat trip in which we could see Amsterdam. The sorrow was that it was raining, this way it was seeing very grey and sad. Bad luck! We come to school at half past five and we had to take the bike and ride it to home. At quarter past six we arrived to home and at half past six we ate. I can't remember what i ate, but i reallyliked all the food that my Dutch family prepared me. In the afternoon we had a party, so at seven o'clock, i started to prepare me. I took a shower and i dressed me. At eight o'clock we were at the party where there were a incredible music and a DJ quite nice and funny. It was a show! We all spend it to ourselves marvellously, the sorrow was that i had to leave the party at half past eleven even though the party ended at one o'clock. This day was an incredible day and the party was a bomb. At twelve o'clock we come to home and i went to sleep. I really enjoy myself!

Jacqueline Vallejo Fernández

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