jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Questions by Diego Concostrina, Clara Cerrato, Sara Retamar

1. How many lessons have you got ?

2. How long are the classes?

3. How many subjects have you got ?

4. What time do you go out with your friends?

5. What time do you come back home?

6. Where do you go out very often ?

7. Do you go out very often ?

8. What do you have dinner?

9. What time do you finish high school?

10. What time do you start high school?

11. How do you go to high school?

12. What is the weather in Spring ?

13. Do you often speak English ?

14. Does your family speak English?

15. Do you wear a uniform in the high school?

16. Where do you have lunch during the week?

17. Can you use your mobile in the high school?

18. Can you smoke in the high school?

19. Where are you in the break ?

20. How many subjects have you got ?

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