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Report. Noelia Pozanco


This report is for show you the different and similar customs and things that I have with my Dutch partner and with our countries in general.


She eats obviously Dutch food but normally she eats vegetables. In almost every meal she eats potatoes accompanying the food. I also accompany the food with potatoes but not with all the food, it’s not so exaggerated. I also accompany the food with salad. In the case of my partner they also eat Indian food, because her father is Indian.

She no often goes out for lunch or dinner with her friends because it is very expensive. She told me that meal is chipper than dinner. I think in Spain in a lot of restaurants happens the same.

High School:

She doesn’t have an exactly time to go out from the school. Some days she comes out early and others late. I also have a different timetable, on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I go out from school early and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I go out from school late.
She has the same subjects that I have except Dutch lessons and music lessons; she has Dutch, French, Spanish, Music, Maths, Geography, and Gymnastics… She’s favourites subjects are French and Spanish. I also have French lessons but it’s not my favourite subject.
She told me that she spend studying 2 hours each day, I spend 1hour and a half more or less.


Her family speaks English because almost all the people in Holland speak English, my parents don’t know English.
She practice Catholic religion like me but I’m not go to the church and she goes two days a month.
She told me that if she has to live in other country she would choose Portugal because she has family there, Indian family. If I have to choose other country to live I think I would choose The Netherlands or Scotland.
She likes of Holland the different cultures that you can find there. Here in Spain we have also may people from different countries but I think there you can see it better.
She doesn’t have her own computer. I don’t have my own computer too.


The government and the Queen rule the Netherlands. Here in Spain rule the government too.
About the drug policy in The Netherlands she thinks that its good when is legal because the people maybe do not use it that often because when it’s illegal people will use it often because then it is exciting. I’m agreeing with her because here in Spain happens the same, maybe no with strong drugs but with the tobacco and other things that are not drugs.


She listens to R&B music, pop and also Indian music. I also listen to R&B but I don’t listen to Indian music.
Depends of the week she expends more time with her friends. If I have exams I can’t expend a lot of time out with my friends.
She likes tennis, badminton and table tennis. I don’t like sports, I cans see on the TV football matches but I don’t like practice anyone.
When she is out with her friends they relax, they laugh, watch movies and make photos. When I go out with my friends we also make photos, sometimes we watch movies too and we have a good time.
She watches American programs. I don’t see often the TV.
She reads books about love stories. I also read books about love stories but I don’t like so much reading.
She drinks sometimes alcohol with her friends. I sometimes also drink alcohol.
She told me that she would like to go shopping when she stays here. I don’t like so much shopping but I suppose that when I go to Holland I’ll like to go shopping too.
She uses Facebook and Hyves. I use Tuenti, Facebook and Hyves.


She doesn’t have any pets. I have a dog.
She spends time with her family and does things together. Sometimes I also spend time with my family.
She has the best relationship with her sister. I think me too, because I can tell everything to her because I don’t have more brothers or sisters.


Three things that she would like to do in her life are: New friendship, be happy and travel. I also want to travel and have new friends and of course be happy.
She would like to be a teacher in the future. I don’t want to be a teacher because I can’t stand children. I would like to work in the TV but behind the cameras.
She maybe goes to the university and if she goes she is going to do the career of teaching. I would like to go to the university and I’ll do the career of audiovisuals.

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