domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011



He eats normally sandwiches at home and he found strange that at my home we usually eat hot food and he told me that they don’t.

One thing I found very strange was that he ate the strawberries with bread like a sandwich.

He goes out for lunch or dinner once or twice a week with his friends.


He stays 30 hours per week in school but I stay 2 hours more, 32 hours per week.

He doesn’t have all the subject that I have; he have differently than me physics, chemistry, and German .

His favourite subject is physical education but for me, my favourite subjects are History, Literature and Latin.

He spends half an hour to study everyday as I do .


His family speaks all English as my family does.

He doesn´t practice any religion but his family is Christian.

I don´t practice any religion nor my family.

He would like to live in Italy.

I also want to live in Italy because I love the country and the language.

He likes the different cultures and the Dutch food form Holland.

He has his own computer like me.


Queen Beatrix and Prime Minister rules the Netherlands.

Spain is ruled by…

He thinks that the drug policy in Netherland is good.


He likes all types of music.

I also like all types of music, except opera.

He spends 8 hours per week with his friends.

I spend 7 hours per week with my friends.

He likes playing basketball and judo.

I like swimming, playing football, and handball

With his friends he usually plays sports and goes out.

I do the same and I also go to the cinema or I go bowling…

He wacthes a lot of movies, crime series, science fiction series.

I watch more or less the same as him including comedy and horror series and TV football match.

He reads fantasy books.

I like fantasy books as well but I prefer horror and thriller books.

He liked when we went to the stadium Bernabeu to watch the match of Spain Vs Colombia.

When he goes out with his friends he drinks.

He uses Facebook and Hyves as social webs.

I also use Facebook , Hyves and Tuenti.


He doesn’t have any pets but I have , I have a dog.

He spends time with his family but depending on what are they doing he spends more time or less

I also have time with my family.

He has a better relationship with his mother.

I get on very well with my father.


He would like to do in life sky diving , bungee jumping and go to the USA.

When he becomes an adult he wants to become a pilot.

He is going to go to university and he is going to choose the career of pilot.

I also want to go to university to study journalism.

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