lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Report. Laura Melero Montes


Normally he eats in the school because he go out at 4 or 5 o'clock. When he eats in his house, he eats rice with meat and potatoes.I normally eat spanish food and I always eat in my house because I go out of school al 2:30 o'clock.
He almost never goes out for  lunch or dinner with his friends because they live faraway between they. Here me and my friends lunch or dinner together because here we live more or less near, bur only at the weekend.


He passes 8 hours a day in the school, he has subjects of economic and his favourite subject is economic because it speaks about  their city and the world. In my case I have English, maths, PE, ethic, Spanish and history. My favourites are English and ethic.
He studies 1 or 2 hours a day and me too.


His family speak English, and other languages too. My family don't speak English, they don't know.
The religion that he practice is Catholicism. My religion is Christianity but I don't  practice.
If he had live in another country, he choose  live in Spain, he say that in Alcorcon but the thing that he like of his country is the cheese. I choose Canada or Britain for live and of my country, the thing that I like is food and climate.
In his house, he has own computer in his bedroom. I haven't  my own computer because it is of my brother and my parents.


Holland is a Constitutional monarchy like in Spain. In Holland, the minister is Mark Rutte.
About the drug policy, he thinks that it is good because is a important factor that attracts tourists to Holland.
I think that it is good because is legal and them have a special palces for it, but I think that it can problems with other people that they don't smoke.


He listens soft rock. I listen all types of music. He passes with his friends 10 hours a week more or less when he isn't in school and he and his friends play football and he likes play the piano.  I pass 10 hours too and I go to the parks and I play a instrument, the trombone.
He doesen't watch TV programs, he doesen't like but in my case I watch TV programs and I like comedy programs and programs for teenagers.
Nor he, nor me read books but I like intrigue books.
When he go out with his friends, he drinks and smokes like me.
The thing that he likes of Spain is food and climate.
We use socials webs, we have facebook, hyves and tuenti.


He hasn't any pets like me but I want a dog because I like the dogs and here in Spain almost all people has any pets.
He spend time with his family and they do things together, about 3 hours a day and he has more  relation with his mother like me.


The 3 things that he would do in his life are: He has a windows for look the red light districts, he would join the marine corps and he would does parachute jumping. He want be psychologist or marine but he doesn't  know if he will go to University. I would do: Have a good family and good work, travell to the world and live in other country and I think that I will go to University for to do teacher career.

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