viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Questions. Lucía Pérez, Paula Pérez, Diana Aristizabal, Jorge Herrera y Laura Melero

1- At what time do you start and finish your lessons?
2- How many subjects are you doing this year?
3- Do you do extra activites after school?
4- How many of you are there in your family?
5- Do you have meny pets?
6- What do your parents do?
7- Do you live in a typical Dutch house or in a flat?
8- What do you usually do in your leisure time with your friends?
9- What time do you usually gey back home at weekends?
10- How do you usually go to school?
11-At what age do Dutch get their draving licence?
12- Do you like sports?
13- Do you like parties?
14- Can you smoke in school?
15- Where do you usully go with your friends?
16- Do you like dancing and learning new rhythms?
17- What kind of movies do you like?
18- What does your family do when you gather together?
19- What is the most popular sport in your country?
20- If you go abroad to the nearby contries, which one is your favourite?

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