domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Report. Lucía Pérez Juliá

He usually eats all types of food, but normally he is favourite food is italian and asian food.He also likes spanish food, because when he was here he liked all food here.In my case I usually eat spanish food, but sometimes I eat other types of food like italian or turkish food.
He normally eats with his friends because they eat at school and he goes out with his friends for dinner too.I almost never have lunch with my friend, often if we have a homework and in a special ocassion, at weekends sometimes we have dinner together.
He has a 36 hours a week, he usually eats in school because he finish class at 5 o´clock.Here in Spain I go to school 30 hours a week, we never have lunch at school.
He has biologie, maths, dutch, deutsch, earth investigation, history subjects. he´s favourite is history.I have maths, english, spanish, history, gimnasty and computer science and my favourite one is computer science.
He talked me that he studies 1 or 2 hours a day, I study 2 or 2 hours and ahalf each day.
His family speak english, my family don´t speak english but my mother yes because she was living in London.
He don´t practice any religion, I neither
If he wants to live in other country he choise French or Spain, If I would choise a country to live I´d to live in EEUU, England or Nederland.
Form his country he likes the rules and food and of my country I like the wether, food and my city.
We too have our own computer
In Holland they have a Constitutional monarchy like in Spain. Them Prime minister is Mark Rutte.
He thinks about the drug policy in The Netherlands compared to the rest of the countries that is good because is legal. I think that is better because If there are specifics sites for it.
He listen a r&b, rap, hiphop, pop, house music, I listen all typs music. He spend time with his friends 4 or 5 hours everydays, I spend time with my friends 30 minutes or 1 hours every days and at weekends I spend 5 or 6 hours. He likes sports like kickboxing,soccer,hockey. I like hockey too. He usually goes to cinema, discotheque... like me. He waths a comedy, documentary and action programmes. I wath a show, comedy and articles programmes. He reads a action and horror books. I read a ll typs books.
When he goes out with him friends they drink and smoke. Like here.
He uses social web like tuenti, hyves and facebook, like me but i also have a twitter.
He has a pets, 2 dog and a cat. I have a dog.
He sometimes spends time with his family 1 hour a week.I spend a lot of time with my family.He has a special relation with his brother, I have a special relation with my sister, is my twin.
He would climb a mountain, get married and have children. I´d get married, have a house and have children.
He would be a lawyer. I´d be journalist or interpreter.
H'll go to University, he will do a lawschool. I also want to go to University.

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