lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Report. Paula Pérez Juliá

In this redaction I’ll write the differences of Spanish people and Dutch people.
He at his house often eats rice. And at my house I usually eat all Spanish food, Spanish omelet, lentils, cocido madrileño, paella and croquettes. He eats with his friends once a week. I eat with my friends once or twice  a week.
My partner passes in the school around 33 hours a week. I pass around 30 hours in the school. He has a lot of economical subjects and his favorite subject is economy. I have subject like mats, history, music, Spanish, English, economy geography, etc…And my favorite subject is English, music and, economy geography. He study perhaps a half an hour each day. I study an hour a day more or less.
In his family, only his father speaks English …In my family, my mother speaks English because she lived in London 35 years ago. And he is not religious he is atheist and me too. If he has to live in other country, he would live in Canada; If I had to live in another country I would live in USA, Australia or England. He likes Holland because everuone has a lot of freedom. I like Spain because here there are different cultures, and it is sunny almost all the time. He has his personal computer like me.
Mark Rutte rules Nederlands and in Spain rules Jose Luis Zapatero. He thinks about drug policy in his country is good but now it is more controlled there that in the rest of the world. I think that here in Spain the drug policy should be approved because it can be controlled. And in Nederlands those law is good.
He likes listen music like RnB, Hip&Hop and also he like Jazz music. My favourite music is Dance music, RnB, Pop and some Hip&Hop. He spends time with his friend about one hour a week or weekend. I spend time with my friend about two or three hours a weekend. His favourite sports are tennis and soccer. And my favourite sports are hockey, soccer, and basketball. He does sport with his friends, he does a lot of things. I go out with my friends, We walk, we surfing on the net. He like sitcoms like programs TV, And he also like thriller films , and me too. When he goes out with his friends he drinks alcohol, and I sometimes drink alcohol. He wanted to visit Real Madrid's stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, and I want to visit in Holland the Ana Franck’s museum. He uses social reds like Tuenti, Hyves, Facebook and he’s recently deleted his twitter account. I also use the same social red.
He hasn't got any pet…but I have a pet, I have a Dog and her name is Lola. He spends time with his family and they do a lot of thing together. I spend time with my family like for example every weekend we meet in my house or in my uncle's. He has more relationship with his father and me with my mother.

 In his future He would like to become a successful businessman, make a world trip and make friends for life. And in my future I would work in what I like, and would travel for all world, and have my own family. And he wants to buy his own home like me. And for finish he wants to go to the University for Do the IBA or IBM program, and I want go to university for do marketing and advertising.

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