martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

SURVEY- Claudia Forte Díaz

At midday she never eats “hot food” but a sandwich, or something similar, in the school canteen. She may eat home-made food during weekends, still is not usual for her to do so. She eats, mainly, potatoes and cauliflower. This is different from what I eat, as I usually eat hot food for lunch and something light for dinner. This difference between both meal styles is due to the different timetables and sunlight hours.
She has dinner out about once a month with her friends, which more or less the same as me. We go out to have dinner in a restaurant with our friends for special occasions not every weekend.
During a whole week she spends about 39 hours, I spend 32. They have different schedules and have class until 5 in the afternoon or so while we finish classes at 14.20 or 15.15 depending on the day.
Her subjects are: Chemistry, Biology, English, German, Dutch, Gym, Science+, CKV (culture and art,) psychology, physics, mathematics, lbs(about religions) and literature.
We both spend around an hour studying or doing our homework daily, if the next day we have an exam we spend more time.
Both families speak English and do not practice or follow any kind of religion.
She likes living in Holland but if she had to choose another country to live in it would be the USA.
What she likes the most of her country is the food, the schools, the shops and the people in general. What I like about my country is the weather, the food and the people mainly.
She owns a computer, so does her mother and her sister, his father works with computers so he has three. In my family we have a computer for each one of us too.
The president of the Netherlands is Mark Rutte, in Spain is Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
She thinks that The Netherlands has a good organization with the drug policy they have.
She listens to modern music such as the 40top. I listen to almost any kind of music, but I like the music from the 40top a lot too. She spends most the time of the week and the weekend with her friends. Her favorite sports are gymnastics, snowboarding, wakeboarding and sailing. I like volleyball, skiing and ice-skating. She usually does gymnastics, goes shopping, and goes partying or just chilling with her friends, which, except gymnastics, is the same as we do here in Spain. She watches soap operas, reality shows or movies on TV. I watch more or less the same as her, particularly series and movies. She likes thriller books; I like any kind of book as long as I enjoy it. When she goes out with her friends she drinks alcohol sometimes. She doesn’t mind what to do while she is in Spain. She uses Facebook and Hyves, here in Spain is more common to use Tuenti.
She has a cat. During weekends or holidays she spends some time and does things with her family. She gets on well with everyone in her family, especially her mother.
Three things she would like to do in her life: bungee jumping, get marry and have a family. I would like to go in a trip around the world, have a family and do parachuting.
When she becomes an adult she would like to be rich, I wouldn't mind to be rich too when I grow up.
She wants to go to the University but she hasn’t decided yet what career to do, I have the same problem, but maybe I would like to do something related to languages.

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