domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

REPORT. Jacqueline Vallejo Fernández

In this report I’m going to write about the differences between Spanish people and Dutch people.


He usually eats Dutch food and potatoes accompanying the food. He also eats bread with ham or butter or sandwiches. I eat Spanish food and I accompanying the food with salad. He likes every food but he really hates fish.He eats with his friends once a week. I eat with my friends once or twice a week.


My partner gets up at 8:00 to go to school. He begins the classes at 8:30 and he usually finishes between two or three. I get up at seven o’clock to go to school and my classes beginning at the same time that his classes. He has 14 subjects and his favorite subject is physical education. I have subject like mats, history, music, Spanish, English, economy geography, etc…and my favorite subjects are maths and physics.


In his family all speak English. Also his mother speaks Spanish because she was born in Venezuela. In my family only my brother and I speak English. He is not religious and me too. He likes Holland because everyone has a lot of freedom. I like Spain because here it is sunny almost all the time. He has his personal computer to do whatever he wants. He is a lucky boy! I have to share the computer with my brother and my mother.


In Holland, they have a Constitutional monarchy like in Spain. Their Prime minister is Mark Rutte and here is Jose Luis Zapatero. He thinks about drug policy in his country is good but now it is more controlled there that in the rest of the world. I think that here in Spain the drug policy should be approved because it can be controlled.


He likes listen music like reggeton. I like every music type. He spends time with his friend about five hours a week or weekend as me. His favourite sports are tennis and football. My favourite sport are football and basketball. He does tennis. I do danza del vientre. He does lots of things with his friends like play football, go to the disco and things like that. I go out with my friends, we walk, we do pictures, etc. He really likes comedy programs such as two and a half men like me. When he goes out with his friends he drinks alcohol, and I sometimes drink alcohol. He uses social reds like Tuenti, Hyves, Facebook. I also use the same social red.


He has got pets, a little dog like me. His dog’s name is Chico and my dog’s name is Laika. He doesn’t spend much time with his family. I usually go with my family to the cinema or for example, every Sunday we meet in my house and we eat together. He has more relationship with his father and his mother. I have more relationship with my mother.


In the future, he wants to be a pilot. However I don’s know what I want to be in the future. He wants to go to the university as me. I want to live in my own house when I have 18 years old to be more independent and know what the life is. He doesn’t know what he want to do when he have 18 years old.

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