jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Actividad 3 Cesar Alberca


I found many similarities with my partner. Even our families are very similar. We normally both of us eat all kind of foods (Well, there are some exceptions) and in a healthy way, I mean, the correct amount and balanced.


He has to stay for 8 hours, and I have also like 8 hours or so. I am in the science’s branch as well as him. His favourite subject is Biology. We both agree in that we don’t study as much as we can…


Hummm… I don’t think I could call that English, I think is should call it Spanenglish or something similar. However Ashtie’s father speaks English. He is Kurdish, (It’s a branch of Muslim) and I’m Cristian. I think I would like to live in EEUU or in it’s defect in England. Ashtie told me that he would want to live in Spain, but I don’t think that was totally true. In my opinion the best thing about my country is that… Well, it’s sunny. Ashtie said that his favourite thing about his country was organization. No, I don’t have my own computer, but Asthie has his own one.


Queen Beatrix and Prime Minister rules the Netherlands. Spain is ruled by Zapatero. I think is a good way to decrease drogadiction. Ashtie thinks the same as me.


Rock and Heavy Metal, while he listens a bit of all kinds of music. As much as I can. However Ashtie has to train a lot, because he wants to be World Karatee Champion, so he does not have enough time.


Don’t miss any good chance, have my time well spent... and live! I would want to be a doctor, or something related with medicine, Ashtie would want to be a pilot.

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