miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011


The purpose of this work is to study the similarities and the differences between Dutch and Spanish people.


She eats normally meat and fish. She has got a dog. Her favourite subject is French. She does activities with her friends like go out, go shopping, disco, cinema and dinner and also with her family. She looks Disney channel in TV. She is going to university. What she most likes about her country are multicultures and freedom. She practices voleyvol.


I am not going out for lunch or dinner 3 times a month. I am not 36 hours in the school. My family is larger, I have two brothers and one sister. Not everybody speaks English. I am religious and she is not. I don’t have a personal computer and I don’t use Facebook. I like Pop music. She likes hip hop.


That we are very similar though in some things there are differences.

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