jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Actividad 4 César Alberca

Diary of Wednesday the 31st of March, Holland: I woke up at 6;30, as usual. After having breakfast and packing my bag, my partner took me to the highschool by bike. Today was an important day, we were going to visit Amsterdam. We took the bus at 9 o'clock, it went straight to Amsterdam. We were divided in several groups once there. My group was assigned to go to the Van Gogh's museum. This took over all the morning. When we were walking towards the museum we passed by some of the most important and remarkables buildings of Amsterdam whose names I don't remember because it seemed to be imposible to pronounce. Once at the museum we were guided by woman who was an expert in Van Gogh's paintings. We saw the famous Sunflowers which were simple, but at the same time, amazing. I think it's important to say that we walked almost all the city, so our Physical Education marks should be increased. Jokes appart... We went also into a boat trip, as Amsterdam is full of channels. After the boat trip we went to the bus and we came back to Almere. We had to prepare so as that night we have a party in a local hired by the Dutch people. It started at 8;30 and finished at 12;30. Inside there was music and a DJ so we danced a lot. At 12;00 my partned picked me up, so we went home to sleep and rest from a looong day. Cesar Alberca Agelan

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