sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Survey Andres Savchynets

He usually eats all types of food.He also likes spanish food, because when he was here he liked all food here.In my case I usually eat spanish food, but sometimes I eat other types of food like Ukranian, Chinese, Italian and Turkish food.
He normally eats with his friends because they eat at school and he goes out with his friends for dinner too.I almost never have lunch with my friend, often if we have a homework and in a special ocassion, at weekends sometimes we have dinner together.
During a whole week she spends about 39 hours, I spend 35. They have different schedules and have class until 5 in the afternoon or so while we finish classes at 14.20 or 15.15 depending on the day.
His subjects are: Chemistry, Biology, English, Dutch, Gym, Science, CKV psychology, physics, mathematics, lbs(about religions) and literature.
He spends about an hour to study if there is an exam he sturdies more i studi about 30 minutes a day if there is an exam more like him.
Both families speak English and mine practice christianism.
He likes living in Holland but if he had to choose another country to live in it would be the USA.
What he likes the most of her country is the food, the sport centers and the people in general. What I like about my country is the climate.
He owns a computer, his family work with computers so he has three. In my family we have a computer for each one of us too.
Holland is a Constitutional monarchy like Spain. Duth minister is Mark Rutte.
About the drug policy, he thinks that it is good because is a important factor that attracts tourists to Holland.
I think that it is good because is legal and they have a special palces for it.
He listens rock and rap. I listen all types of music specially rap and hip hop. He passes with his friends 10 hours a week more or less when he isn't in school and he and his friends play football . I pass 10 hours too and I go to the parks and I play a instrument, the contrabass.
He watch Films, he doesen't like series but in my case I watch TV programs and I like comedy programs and series or films.
He does´nt read, i read a lot.
When he go out with his friends, he drinks and smokes me not i hate smoking.
The thing that he likes of Spain is food and climate.
We use socials webs, we have facebook, hyves and tuenti
He hasn't any pets i have a big fish tank.
He spend time with his family and they do things together, about 3 hours a day and he has more relation with his father like me.
Three things she would like to do in his life: bungee jumping, get marry and have a family. I would like to go in a trip around the world, have a family and be a famous buisnesmman and sportsman.
When he becomes an adult he would like to be rich, I also want be rich too when I grow up.
He wants to go to the University but he hasn’t decided yet what career to do, I have the same problem, but maybe I would like to do something like medicine or translator if not somnething that makes money even if i dont like it.

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