domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Survey Clara Cerrato


He usually eats in the high school because he goes out at 4 or 5 but the other days he eats dutch food .He goes out for dinner once a month .I always eat in my home ,I sometime eat spanish food for example: cocido ,paela, small cake, ect.I often go out for dinner with my friends.

He's in the high school 8 hours .He has Chemistry, Biology, English, Dutch, Gym, Science, , physics, mathematics,ect.His favourite subjec is biology .He study about one hour every day .I pass 6 hours .I have Spanish, French ,English ,Biology ,Gym ,Chemistry, physics ,ect.My favourite subject is the same that he. I study one or two hopurs .

Her family speak English ,they don't practice any religion. He would like to live in USA .He like his country because there are good food , shops, cities and the people. He has his own computer.My family don't speak English except my brother.I'm catholic but I don't practice it .I also would like to live in USA. My favourite things of my country are some cities , the beach , the weather and the food.I have my own computer.

Mark Rutte rules in Netherlands , he think that Netherlands are good organization. In Spain rules Jose Luis Rodrigez Zapatero.

He usually listens house , hip-hop, rap or similar .He's more time with his friend about 20 hours for week .he likes hockey and soccer. when he goes out with his friend he goes for exaple to the cinema or to the house of his friend for play to the xbox 360. He doesn't watch much the tv but when he watches it he watches sports programes or a film .He hardly ever reads a book .He doesn't smoke but he sometimes drink acohol . he use twiter , facebook , hyves and tuenti .I listen every type of music .I'm with my friend everydays. I like basket , soccer and tennis . I go out to the shopping center and to the cinema .I watch funny films. I read thriller books and romantic books. I don't smoke and drink alcohol .I use tuenti , facebook and twiter .

He has a dog .He doesn't spend a lot of time with his family. He has a good relationship wiht his older sister.I haven't any pet. I spend about 4 hours with my family. I have a good relationship with my brother.

He would like puentin, parachuting and rafting. He is going to go to the university and he would like to study biology.I would like the same that he .I would like to study a mathematics career.

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